Soil Physical Properties Variation in Sevanagala Rain-Fed Sugarcane Plantation, Sri Lanka

Parameter definitions: sat_hydro = Saturated hydraulic conductivity (mm/day), Porosity = v/v, EC = Electrical conductivity (dS/m) in 1:5, USDA, pH = Potential hydrogen in 1:2.5, TAW = Total available water (m/m), GravelCon = Gravel content (%), Gravel_dep = Depth to gravel layer (m), FC = Field capacity (m/m), Elevation = Elevation (m) above MSL, BD = Soil b1ulk density (g/cm3)

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Citation: Wijayawardhana, L. M. J. R., Weerasinghe, K. D. N., Navaratne, C. M., Manawadu, I. P. (2024). A Web-Based Map to Detect Soil Variability in the Sevanagala Sugarcane Plantation Site, Sri Lanka. Proceedings of the 12th Young Scientist Forum Symposium, National Science and Technology Commission, Sri Lanka.

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